National Numeracy Challenge and WLAs

The National Numeracy Challenge is a UK-wide drive designed to tackle low adult numeracy – and we have our own dedicated WLA link -

National Numeracy are pleased to be working with WLAs and your employers to promote the new long term national numeracy drive -

NNC is a UK-wide drive designed to tackle low adult numeracy.  WLAs are helping

  • Spread the word about the NNC
  • Give the Challenge Online a try
  • Become a Challenge Champion & promote the Challenge Online in your workplace

They are particularly interested to know what you and your company think of the Challenge Online -

Remember to have a look at the info on the ‘National Numeracy Challenge and WLAs’ drop-down tabs for info from our previous campaign Maths4Us.  Lots of info/resources. We will also be updating this for you.

Workplace Learning Advocates (WLAs) help their colleagues to join in with learning at work. They offer support and encouragement to ensure people get the most from the learning and development available to them. In many workplaces this is done through a social club or learning club.

You don't need to work in HR or have training in advice and learning to be a WLA. You just need to be enthusiastic and keen to encourage people to take up new learning opportunities. And you will be supported every step of the way – from making the first approach to your employer to telling your colleagues all about your learning club at work. More about the role of a WLA can be found here and in our Workplace Learning Advocates Leaflet

Contact us for more information or to find out about training and advice sessions for the Workplace Learning Advocate role.

To promote maths learning for adults either at work or beyond the workplace you don't have to be a maths expert or teacher.

You could encourage work colleagues, volunteers, clients, and tenants to improve their skills; break down barriers to maths learning; even have fun with maths. You may have trained as a Maths Champion in the past and you can now become a Challenge Champion.  Training is free and very flexible, it can be adapted to suit your experience and time constraints – it will be at your pace.

Find out more about Challenge Champions at one of the local WLA Network Meetings.  Remember you can also take the WLA online course or the two-day WLA course, which now include info about the National Numeracy Challenge.

For more information, please contact: