Learning for Work Series

Welcome to the Learning for Work series where you will find 19 easy-to-use booklets to print off and use for individual learning or as part of a programme.  The booklets were written several years ago and although the core information is still very useful some references in the booklets may need to be adapted by users to reflect changes in software, equipment and the workplace.   There is a tutor/mentor guide to support the series

Contributing to Meetings

Introduces the mechanics of meetings; helps people to follow what is happening and feel confident to contribute.

Download Contribute to Meetings

Brushing Up on Customer Care

Covers all aspects of customer care from understanding what customer care means to successfully handling difficult situations.

Download customer care

Using E-mail

Covers connection to e-mail, creating messages, working online and offline, sending and receiving, replying to and forwarding messages, using the address book and attaching documents

Download Using E-mail

Using Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets

Develops an understanding of spreadsheets, creating and making changes to a spreadsheet, and performing calculations.

Download Using Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets

Improving Form Filling

Covers all aspects from identifying and understanding common words and requirements found in forms, through to practice in filling out forms.

Download Improving Form Filling

Getting Started on the Internet

Gives an understanding of what the internet is used for and the services available. Develops the skills to search for and access sites and web pages.

Download Getting Started on the Internet

Developing Interview Skills

Covers the aims of an interview and its process; developing the skills to carry out a successful interview including preparation, and evaluation of the interview.

Download Developing Interview Skills

Leading Team Meetings and Briefings

Introduces key aspects of team meetings and briefings and how to run them effectively, developing skills to deal with difficult situations, following up a meeting and ensuring its purpose is achieved.

Download Leading Team Meetings and Briefings

Sending Memos and Messages

Shows the importance of planning to ensure that all relevant information is presented clearly and in a logical manner.

Download Sending Memos and Messages

Using Microsoft Access Database

Develops an understanding of a database and the processes from creating a new database, saving and sorting, to printing it out.

Download Microsoft Access Database

Using Microsoft Word for Word Processing

Covers layout of the Word screen, creating new documents, making corrections and opening, closing, saving and printing documents.

Download Using Microsoft Word for Word Processing

Making Better Presentations

Helps improve technique and confidence in giving a presentation, from understanding what the audience wants, through to voice delivery, organising materials and visual aids. Handling nerves is also covered.

Download Making Better Presentations

Writing Better Reports

Helps to improve the preparation, writing and presentation of reports.

Download Writing Better Reports

Developing Better Ways of Studying

Develops confidence in the learner by helping to organise and manage time and workload and improve listening skills to enable more effective participation in sessions and better note taking.

Download Developing Better Ways of Studying

Effective Team Working

Will help understanding of effective team working and how to bring about positive improvements.

Download Effective Team Working

Improving Telephone Skills

Covers all aspects of using the telephone from making and handling incoming calls, to taking down messages, getting the right information and handling problem calls.

Download Improving Telephone Skills

Writing Letters at Work

Covers structuring and laying out letters, understanding the difference between formal and informal letters and getting the message across.

 Download Writing Letters at Work

Writing a CV

Provides step-by-step guidance about how to write and present a successful CV.

 Download Writing a CV

Introducing Writing Skills

Covers all aspects of basic punctuation, the correct use of capital and small letters and gives practice in writing clear sentences.

Download Introducing Writing Skills

Tutor/Mentor Guide

A guide for tutors or mentors who are providing support and encouragement for people using the booklets.

 Download Tutor/Mentor Guide