Ideas for learning activities in the workplace during Adult Learners Week/Learning at Work Week

If you are looking for some ideas to encourage people to try out learning in the workplace then have a look at these free activities that you could set up over a lunch-break during Adult Learners Week/Learning at Work Week.

Promote Maths in the Workplace

Maths4Us is an initiative to raise awareness of the importance of maths for all of us and look at how we can improve the nation’s maths skills -

Why not set up a fun Maths activity in the workplace to get people interested.  Here are a couple of ideas ...

  • Use ‘Guess the number or weight’ activities to get people interested in Maths.  Put sweets in a jar and ask people to guess how many there are/how heavy the jar is.  The winner gets the contents of the jar !   Next to the jar have info on useful Maths websites and courses that people could use to improve Maths.
  • Set up a lap-top with access to the internet/projector and show colleagues some of the Maths learning resources on the BBC website - or encourage them to take the National Numeracy Challenge -

Remember there are lots of ideas for Maths activities on the WLA website -

Lunch-time Learning for Work Toolkit Display

The Learning for Work Toolkit is free for WLAs to use.  It has 19 learning workbooks covering Working with people, Developing writing skills, Improving communication and Developing essential skills.

Each workbook has a colourful front page ... Print off and stick up all the front pages on a noticeboard/display board as seen here at The Quaker Tapestry in Kendal.  Also print off a full set of the workbooks.  Let everyone know that you’ll be around over lunch to show them how the workbooks can be used. These workbooks are housed in the closed section of the WLA website for Registered WLAs to use.  During May each year we make them free for all.  Go to to download the workbooks.

Lunch-time BBC Language Quick Fix

Set up a lap-top with access to the internet/projector and show colleagues the essential phrases in 40 languages webpage on the BBC website -

As a group pick a couple of key languages to focus on and practice learning some of the phrases.  Encourage staff who’ve enjoyed the session to come together to do one of the longer free BBC courses -

Lunch-time National Careers Service Awareness session

Help your kids choose a career or help yourself find funding for learning

Set up a lap-top with access to the internet/projector and show colleagues the National Careers Service website .... Explain that they can telephone or email for advice and show them some key parts of the site

Job profiles -

Funding for learning -

Other ideas.  Why not ...

  • Run a Drinkaware session in the workplace using free resources -
  • Encourage people to use the Digital Unite computer Guides -
  • Bring in someone to run a taster in the workplace.  Typical tasters run by WLAs in the past include Exercise, Maths, Creative Writing, Family History, Massage, I.T.
  • Set up a noticeboard advertising free learning on offer during Adult Learners Week/Learning at Work Week and beyond
  • Invite your local library to visit the workplace and bring lots of the learning materials they have available to loan (books/DVDs)