Survey: Workplace Learning Advocates in your organisation

Thanks for taking the time to tell us about Workplace Learning Advocates (WLAs) in your organisation.

This survey has only three questions so it won’t take much time.

What you say will help us to

  • Tell funders and other interested parties about the value of WLAs
  • Improve our service to WLAs and their employers

We will treat what you say in confidence and only report it anonymously – unless you give us permission to attribute it to you, in which case we will check with you directly before we report anything you tell us here.

Thanks! Please give us your contact details.

Before we ask you three questions about your experience of WLAs, please tell us just a little about your organisation and what it does (to help us understand what you tell us about your experience of WLAs).

Now, please tell us about your experience of WLAs.