Maths at work and at home questionnaire

We are finding out what people really think about maths; which skills you use and which skills you might like to develop so that we can offer the relevant support to you and your companies.

What do you think about using maths in your everyday life and work?

You can fill the questionnaire in yourself or ask your colleagues and your employers to have a go. It will take a few minutes to fill in and will be confidential. You can be anonymous. If you would like to print please do so before you submit.

UseDont useWant to improve
Keeping track of my spending.
Estimating how much a bill will come to.
Working out a best buy in a catalogue or supermarket.
Using the calculator on my Smartphone
Knowing the calculator is right!
Helping children with their maths homework.
Measuring up for curtains or floor covering.
Making sense of the figures, graphs and charts, e.g. in holiday brochures.
Cooking and baking, e.g. changing a recipe for more or fewer people, measuring in different units – imperial and metric
Time-keeping, planning/timing/scheduling tasks, appointments, etc.
Comparing petrol prices; gas/electricity deals; mobile phone tariffs, comparison sites, etc.
UseDont useWant to improve
Filling in timesheets and calculating overtime.
Checking my wage slips and deductions.
Reading temperature controls and pressure gauges.
Calculating the numbers of items in a box or boxes on a pallet.
Understanding sales graphs and budget figures.
Using Excel (spreadsheets) for invoicing, cash flow, schedules and rotas.
Working out the quantity of materials needed for a particular job.
Planning in the right amount of time for tea and lunch breaks.
Giving information to the nearest 10 or 100.
Using money e.g. handling cash, sales, invoices, receipts, budgets, pay slips etc

For questions 2 and 3, check those relevant to you.

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