Challenge Champions

Our network of Challenge Champions will support adults using the Challenge Online to improve their numeracy and become more confident with everyday maths.

What do Challenge Champions do?

  • Support adults in improving their numeracy by using the Challenge Online
  • Act as the first point of contact for colleagues/others who have questions about the Challenge Online
  • Help National Numeracy to promote the Challenge and encourage wider take-up of the Challenge Online

Who can become a Challenge Champion?

Any adult can become a Challenge Champion if they:

  • Are passionate about the issue of low numeracy in the UK
  • Want to help others take steps to improving their numeracy

We also request that Challenge Champions are part of a wider network such as WLAs where they can promote the Challenge Online to those who want to improve their maths and numeracy skills. 

Challenge Champions are not expected to be at ‘Gold’ in the Challenge Online, or to be maths experts, or to teach maths. They are asked to spread the word and to encourage and support individuals in using the Challenge Online.

How do I become a Challenge Champion?

 National Numeracy have prepared a dedicated Champions workbook for WLAs.


Make sure you save the PDF to your computer/device.

If you would prefer a hard copy of the workbook please email and we can send one out to you.

What would I do as a Challenge Champion?

The role will vary according to your situation. Here are some ideas:

  • Help others to see maths as part of their everyday lives
  • Support people in using the Challenge Online
  • Spot where there are other likely Challenge Champions or people who may be expert at particular maths tasks and bringing them on board to share those skills
  • Challenge the view that it’s alright to be bad at maths
  • Share positive views about the benefits of maths
  • Work with your employer/other organisation to promote and encourage use of the Challenge Online at work etc.

You might start by doing one thing on the list and gradually take on others, depending on your time and confidence and what is most needed in your setting. You will not be expected to teach maths.